Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buffy Summers V River Tam

Who would win in a fight? Joss Whedon implies that he may be on Team River.

(Okay- and there's some Dollhouse discussion and stuff, too. Whatever- BUFFY AND RIVER.)


ticknart said...

"Whedon explained he had written an entire bit all about the active Golf, but it got cut, meaning we won't see Golf or Hotel on Dollhouse this season. Or, as he put it, we won't be seeing them on Dollhouse, period."

Dammit! Just as the show was going from good to great.

otis said...


heels said...

As much as I love Buffy, I think I have to agree. River kicks a significant amount of ass.

ticknart said...

See, I think it depends on how long the fight goes on. Buffy has magically enhanced stamina. Unless River can off Buffy in the first couple of minutes, all Buff has to do is wait until River gets tired and then POW!

heels said...

Have you ever SEEN River get tired? No. Plus she has all of that psychic ability. And Buffy has died- River never did. I don't know... I don't see how Buffy could walk away from that one.

(And I didn't think I could be MORE of a geek than I already was. Proven wrong once again.)

ticknart said...

I've also never seen River fight for more than a few minutes. She's fast and brutal, which is why she wins.

But I've also never seen her fight someone who's fought a god hand to hand and still been able to run up a several story tall tower.

Yeah, River fought a horde of insane and unorganized people who wanted to eat her flesh, but Reavers ain't Buffy.

Like I wrote, if River gets Buffy down fast (maybe using her psychicness to confuse Buffy), River wins. If River has a gun, River wins. In a long fight, Buffy wins.

Brandi said...

It would be over in less than .02 seconds.