Monday, October 5, 2009

World of WTF?!? Wedding Edition.

I've just recently discovered it. It is vast. It is full of awesome, creepy, and tacky, all with a healthy dose of WTF on top. The above photo? Oh, that's just the "tiny bride" photo trend. Observe this Hello Kitty wedding in Japan - you only need to watch the 1st minute. See the boutonniere on the groom and the bride's necklace?

Holy Sh*t.

"'That was its fate,' he explained."

From the blog of Paul Pope, where you'll find the rest of the page:
I wanted to try applying the lessons learned from the Wednesday Comics experience to a different subject ... I find that with the format of Wednesday Comics ..., one must condense the plot and action to the briefest yet most vivid bursts of information available ... The Wednesday Comics single page format forces the artist to create a story unit which may well be part of a larger storyline, however it still must be able to stand alone.
And no, I don't think there's going to be an awesome Dune comic written and drawn by Mr. Pope, although I wish there were.

Via Blog@Newsarama