Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm getting this for IT

Sometimes we have to test analogue phone lines. The fact is we don't have any standard analogue telephone handsets to plug into these lines. Ideally, it would be a one piece phone that you plug directly into the jack. It would be self powered. And, the wire goes all the way to the handset without a cradle to set the phone on. That way testing can be done standing up and with one hand. Like a poorman's lineman's handset. After looking on Amazon at all the phones listed in the the telephone department, until i breached the $50 mark, I couldn't see any telephone like it. Then John said, "Hamburger Phone."

A search for "hamburger phone" sends you to a department that's not "Electronics" but reveals the perfect candidate equipment.



I just found the ugliest phone ever.


Salma Hayek's Boobies are What a Body Needs

Take a look at that baby and then try to tell me that there is anything wrong or shameful about breastfeeding, no matter where it takes place.