Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Transcripts

An obsessive, and possibly crazy, person has been writing transcripts for the greatest cooking show yet produced, Good Eats. (To get to them you have to go to the episode page and then the transcript page. Cricket Christ, I hate the frames.)

Despite the crappy web design, the transcripts are fun. Right now I'm reading "True Grits" and soon will be deep into "Eat This Rock!," followed by "Dill-icious." (Yeah, I'm sort of in a pickling mood today.)

Comics at a Comic Con?

Valerie D'Orazio thinks about the place of comic book retailers at the big comic conventions:
I don't really see girls who like "Twilight" as the reason the convention is being "stolen" away. Really, the bigger issue is this: media conglomerates have taken comic book culture and "Andy Warholized" it, presenting us with mass-market, mass-produced, highly vetted versions of that culture's icons. But not only that, the conglomerates have appropriated the comic book/"fan" community's mechanism of promotion & dissemination of information: the convention. So that's the Icons and the Mechanism being appropriated.