Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where are the Wild Things?

"giant yellow eyes" by Clay Sisk

About Terrible Yellow Eyes:
What I've wanted to do for sometime is make a collection of paintings inspired by Where the Wild Things Are as a tribute and celebration of the book. And now with the release of the film later in the year, the world of Wild Things has opened even wider.

My goal for this project is really just that, expressing of my love for the story. None of the art has been done for any profit but has all been created out of admiration for Maurice Sendak and Where the Wild Things Are.

Over the coming weeks and months I'll display a growing collection of works created by invited contributing artists and myself. We share a love and admiration for Sendak's work and the pieces we present here are done as a tribute to his life and legacy.

Simply put, like a visual love letter to the book, with Terrible Yellow Eyes I am seeking to celebrate and promote the original masterwork by Maurice Sendak in the best way I know how -- with pictures.
Via Robot 6

Japanese Juggling

Allow me to share my love of it with you.

Top 10 Game Trailers From E3 | GameLife |

Top 10 Game Trailers From E3 | GameLife |

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