Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beautiful Stuff I Can't Afford, No. 2

Today, BSICA is presented by MCP Photoshop. I am a sucker for Photoshop actions (because I am a lazy, terrible Photoshop user and I know it) and these are nice. Like, I can make anybody look like a freaking supermodel nice. My favorite set is "Magic Skin" (in the "Retouching Actions" section). Check out those before and afters! Hot damn! Seriously- people will be disappointed when they finally meet you in person. Yeah, $42 isn't a WHOLE lot, but I'm not a professional photographer and never will be, I'm sure, so it's a lot for something that's just a silly hobby.

The Fall

The other night we were watching Zombie Strippers on BluRay. (Our inaugural HD Disc (the movie was bad (you knew that)))
Anyway... On it there was a preview for a movie called The Fall, which looks to be worth watching even if it doesn't turn out good.

This movie is already out on video. It's surprising I didn't know about it.