Monday, January 12, 2009

Ill Doctrine

Ill Doctrine is simply the smartest, funniest, most humane voice of hip-hop on the net. Jay Smooth deserves a wide audience.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

This makes me wish I had a tablet pc:

Hmm... this may be a future gift for Cole (and me).

But... What is "The American Way"?

Bill Willingham, writer of the most excellent Fables and co-writer of the nearly as excellent Jack of Fables, has decided to step away from the "Age of Superhero Decadence." Where "Old fashioned ideals of courage and patriotism, backed by a deep virtue and unshakable code, seem to be... well, old fashioned."

Wanting to emphasize the "hero" in "superhero" is a worthy goal, I think, but I'm always disturbed by the thought that we, whoever "we" is, are right. I think I know what courage and patriotism are, but are they the same for me as they are for Mr. Willingham or anyone who may read this?

Are heroes ever justified in killing? Is one who has a code against killing better than one who doesn't hesitate to blow a hitman's head off?

I look forward to seeing how well Mr. Willingham can stick to this mission statement when he co-writes Justice Society of American later this year. If editorial doesn't like what he and his co-writer do with the characters, will he leave the book or compromise?

(The comments section is interesting, too. Some are well thought out and others are just insane. What does creating multicultural characters have to do with morality? Especially when the character brought up (the new Blue Beetle) is a very heroic character with a moral base.

Or the guy who said, "The only noise you should be hearing out of bastard-child Lois Lane in Superman's presence is 'slurp slurp slurp.'" 'Cause, you know, that's Superman, all the way.

Ain't the internets grand.)

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