Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe There IS A God?

MGA Entertainment has been legally forbidden to continue production of the Bratz dolls. Can I get a HALLELUJAH! AMEN!

I'm just sorry that it came down to a Barbie/Mattel contested copyright violation rather than real ethics or taste. But whatever- I'm not going to complain about what took those ho-bag toys off the shelves as long as they're GONE.

So Long

Last night, Geoff Johns announced that he's finishing his run on Justice Society of America with issue 26.

Newsarama has an interview with him about it.

Johns has been co-writing or writing (with the exception of two story arcs) a Justice Society book for nine years. He helped pull great characters and character concepts from obscurity and showed readers that there are no bad superheroes when written with creativity and passion.

Edit: A great look back at Johns on JSA.


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David Leonhardt gives some perspective about some numbers thrown around in the auto company bailout debate.