Monday, October 27, 2008

Nice Work Team.

Despite doing a full days work (or so) we really did manage to blossom a blog. All these posts between 8 and 5. Granted, Mondays and Fridays may turn out to be especially productive for this sort of thing. I think this has been a stellar debut. I know we come across about this much stuff we like to share as a matter of course. I'm proud of us.

Fable II

I want to get this game for The Taleesh (and play it myself, as well).
Too bad it's about twice as much to buy as I can bring myself to spend right now.



Culture, Politics and Justice: Perp Walk Edition

Alaska Senator Is Convicted of Ethics Breach in Gift Scheme
Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest-serving Republican in the Senate’s history and a figure of enormous influence in his state, was found guilty on Monday of violating ethics laws for failing to report gifts and services that he was given by friends.
McCain volunteer admits to hoax
On her MySpace profile, where her screen name is "Italian Pajamas," Ms. Todd gives her occupation as "Being a badass." Next to her picture, she references the title of a song by the group Panic at the Disco: "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her cloths (sic) off," but adds to it "but its (sic) better if you do."

Among the books she lists as favorites: "The Scarlet Letter."

Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama
Two white supremacists allegedly plotted to go on a national killing spree, shooting and decapitating black people and ultimately targeting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, federal authorities said Monday.

Could be work: Flex

I'm dipping my toes in Flex. A book should arrive today. It could be used for work later, when (if) I know it well enough to volunteer my services.


When the weather cools down, I get an urge to cook. But cooking the same old stuff over and over gets BORING, so I'm always looking for inspiration. Today I found TasteSpotting.

From their "About Us" page:

Founded on the idea that we eat first with our eyes, TasteSpotting is our obsessive, compulsive collection of eye-catching images that link to something deliciously interesting on the other side. Think of TasteSpotting as a highly visual potluck of recipes, references, experiences, stories, articles, products, and anything else that inspires exquisite taste.

We don’t use the term “potluck” for the hell of it. Everyone brings something to the party here: the user community submits images/links from around the web and the editorial team reviews the submissions. What finally gets served up on the site is a beautifully refined set of the community’s contributions.

Ginger Snaps with white pepper? I'll be back for you later, lovers.

Etsy Color Tool

Who DOESN'T love Etsy? Even cooler, I've just discovered that they have this awesome Color Tool. Pick any color, they claim, and they'll find stuff to match.

Oooo... pretty colors...

Microsoft Unveils ‘Cloud’ Operating System
Looking for growth in new markets where it is increasingly being bypassed, Microsoft said Monday that it would begin offering a new “cloud” operating system that would manage the relationship between software inside the computer and on the Web, where data and services are increasingly centralized. The software is expected to go on sale late next year.

Browsing Android Apps

Because of Dani's G1 Post.

Pretty Neat.
Although T-Mobile doesn't "serve" this area. I had a T-Mobile phone here in the 209, and it worked as well as any other cell phone.

Tim Minchin - 10 Foot Cock & A Few Hundred Virgins

Best to use earphones for this sacrilicious tidbit.

Slime Mold is Beautiful

G1 Phone From Google

I want to lick it. Yum.

(I'll do a review! Hey Google- call me! XOXO, Heels)

Fallout Retrospective

Just for John.

For Political Junkies Like Me

What is the mission of this website? Most broadly, to accumulate and analyze polling and political data in way that is informed, accurate and attractive. Most narrowly, to give you the best possible objective assessment of the likely outcome of upcoming elections.

Talking Heads From Google News