Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"The Moment"

Gigapan and PhotoSynth of Obama's inauguration.

Two examples of giant photo tech. Well used.

Many Worlds QM and the Eels

Taken from the BBC Documentary "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives", which is about Mark Oliver Everett -- better known as E, leader of Eels -- and hisjourney to discover the physicist father he never really knew and to understand something of his "Many Worlds Interpretation" of quantum mechanics -- at first, painfully ignored, but now taken quite seriously.

The Internet Writes Batman

As it says, "Because NOBODY knows better than the FANS!!"

It's things like this, and the reviews of Tarot (the pictures aren't really safe for work) that keep me going back to Chris's Invincible Super-Blog.

Anti-DRM Book

You know, for the kids.

Be Jackson Pollock

It's his birthday. Try this web app and make abstract splattery art: