Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Your War On.

Via: Tony on Facebook.

Hyperion to a Satyr

Hyperion to a Satyr is a project blog from Siskoid delving deeply in to Hamlet.

From the introductory post:
This blog will look at Hamlet, scene by scene (or scene fragment, some scenes are just too long for single posts). First, we'll talk about the text itself, what staging and performance problems it poses, what ambiguities have been laid into it by, and so on. Then, the scene will be discussed through the filter of filmed versions of the play. How did each filmmaker or actor address the play's problems and ambiguities? What effect do their choices and cuts have on our understanding of the characters and their world? Now, if you search for Hamlet on IMDB, you'll find more than 70 iterations, and that's just for "exact title matches". I will not be using them all for this project. ... And in addition to movies, you can also expect Hamlet in other media, like comics, music and games.

He's looking at seven movies/filmed stage performances, two, what he calls, "plays withing plays," two versions done by Classics Illustrated, and a french rock opera. (He describes them all in his second post.)

Reading the blog when he posts -- which feels too slow, but, then, the quality of the posts are always high -- makes me wish I had all the material so I could watch along with him.

I highly recommend checking it out.