Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordle of Our Site

This is what we are writing about (omitting common English words and preformatted blogger junk).

This is fun...

Type in a zip code and see who all donated to prop 8, and what their stance was! Fun and disappointing, all at the same time. Sonorans gave $9,389.00 in support and $400.00 in opposition.


Looking at This Blog

Sometimes when I hadn't had time to dig up my own stuff, I just go here.

Cards as Weapons

Ricky Jay On Mythbusters

Let's All Chortle at The Joker's Boner

A hilarious round-up of the "Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels."

Killing the Living Dead

Here's a game based on Lovecraft's "Herbert West—Reanimator".

Basically you shoot zombies. Click quick if you're out of bullets and hit shift to use the shotgun once you find it and some ammo.

Because It's Something I Can Imagine Josh Doing

From Anotherrandomday. Really annoying site, but some funny stuff.

Are you a rich asshole?

If you are, you can rent a home in DC during inauguration week for outrageous amounts of teh moneys. Have a place in DC? Stay on someone's couch and rent that shit out to Rich People, for enough $ to pay your rent for several months! Makes me wish I had a place in DC, although then I would probably have to deal with a dead hooker in the closet when I got home....

A Review of Chinese Democracy

GNR's Chinese Democracy, to be exact. And not by me, oh no- I am TERRIBLE at reviews. No, by Chuck Klosterman.

A fun read, but I can't say that I'm in a real rush to have a listen.

Want to Try a Cuppza?

I really don't. But I'll watch you try one.

How about some bacon ice-cream? Apparently it is powerful enough to destroy entire sections of consumer choice theory.

(Note: one of the contestants on last year's Top Chef made bacon ice cream and all the judges loved it.)