Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Just Can't Let It Go.

An Op-Ed from the President of the Human Rights Campaign.

Pie Graph

Best pie graph, ever.

Obama's CTO Priorities

Barack Obama is going to appoint the nation's first Corporate Technology Officer (CTO). What should be the top technological priorities of the administration?
  • Ensure the Internet is widely accessible & network neutral?
  • ensure our privacy and repeal the patriot act?
  • Repeal the Digital Milennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?
  • Open Government Data (APIs, XML, RSS)?
Go vote and the results will be sent to the new administration!

Musical Context

This is Alanis Morissette's version of "My Humps." Which is delightful and funny.

Here you can find the original version from the (craptastic) Black Eyed Peas.

Speaking of Robert Jordan...

Slashdot told me that there are going to be games, and movies based on The Wheel of Time Series.
BTW, the series is supposed to be finished by Brandon Sanderson and released next year. Also, I'll probably never read any of them. :P

Not to be hyperbolic...

But this camera is probably the best advance in cinema photography in the last 50 years. Going digital wasn't worth it until now.

It's not just me, is it?

That is a picture of NOPPON (ノッポン) the official mascot for the Tokyo Tower.