Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A-Z of Awesomeness

Neill Cameron, of Neill's Blog, is working his way through the alphabet:
I have been feeling the need lately to just draw some stuff that is fun, for my own amusement. And so I am going to spend the next month doing just that: drawing STUFF that is AWESOME. And the best part is - you get to tell me what.

This is - patently - inspired by Garen's A-Z of Comic Strip Characters from last year, because.. well, because that was fantastic and looked like a lot of fun to do. I'm widening the remit for my attempt, from comic strips to the wider world of pop cultural entertainment. You may suggest characters from film, animation, TV, literature... anything, really, so long as it is AWESOME.

To keep up to date check out A-Z of Awesomeness.

Here's today's picture:

Joss Nekkid
Edit@3:45PM: It's Mr. Whedon's birthday, too!

PS Bacon is Life

I love the phrase soyfucker