Saturday, February 20, 2010

So I don't overwhelm this blog

I collected more videos on my own blog:

Michel Gondry's Video for Around the World

We recently got the work of Michel Gondry from Netflix, and I've been on a music video kick, so I'm going to overwhelm this blog. I'm stuck in the server room doing an epic file transfer.

I created a tag called best ever because I think that these are some of the best music videos ever made.

Michel Gondry's Video for Sugar Water

by Cibo Matto.

This video is amazing.

I think this was possible because of a propensity to make flip books
You could do a story on one side of the page, and then flip the book over and write another story, or the same story differently, synchronizing events from one side of the page with events on the other side of the page.

Watch this video at least to the mid point to give it a proper chance, then I dare you to stop. (actually, no, keep watching.)