Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful Stuff I Can't Afford, No. 4

Today the BSICA is only one of my favorite shoe companies of ALL TIME.

CYDWOQ Shoes, still hand-made in Burbank, CA, are quite possibly some of the most unique, beautiful, and comfortable shoes I have ever gotten to experience. I actually do own a pair of these shoes from the days when I was the manager and buyer at a shoe boutique. But NOW- of course when there's no way I can pay $300+ for the shoes or $400+ for the boots- NOW they have more styles, more textures, colors, and materials, and MORE BOOTS available than ever.

Is there anything better than an amazing pair of boots? No, I don't think so.

They also make sandals and shoes for men and women, but really- the boots are where it's at.

Oh, Steven.

What, Me Worry?

MAD Magazine goes quarterly this April.

It used to be published eight times a year (monthly except for March, June, September, and December, or something like that) in 2001, I think, it went monthly (which was around the time it switched to color and got ads, but the price dropped) and actually came out in all twelve months from then up until this year.

As long as they keep up the "Planet Tad!!!!!" joke blog thing, I'll keep laughing.