Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful Stuff I Can't Afford, No. 4

Today the BSICA is only one of my favorite shoe companies of ALL TIME.

CYDWOQ Shoes, still hand-made in Burbank, CA, are quite possibly some of the most unique, beautiful, and comfortable shoes I have ever gotten to experience. I actually do own a pair of these shoes from the days when I was the manager and buyer at a shoe boutique. But NOW- of course when there's no way I can pay $300+ for the shoes or $400+ for the boots- NOW they have more styles, more textures, colors, and materials, and MORE BOOTS available than ever.

Is there anything better than an amazing pair of boots? No, I don't think so.

They also make sandals and shoes for men and women, but really- the boots are where it's at.


Virginia Janet said...

That is my favorite too.!! I love their shoe designs.

heels said...

Wow! What a great comment! I heart you too, Spam! You make my life complete.