Friday, November 7, 2008


Along the lines of Elex's altered comics cover post, here are real covers of Superman being a dick.

Among my favorites are:
King Superman
Slumlord Superman
Murderin' Superman
Murderin' Superman II: Krypton Boogaloo
Sad Old Lois

There are also plenty starring Superboy and Superbaby.

It's Funny Because It's Probably True

It's the curse of any bald(ing), fat man.

It's Funny Because It's True




Back To... um... Normal?

Ahhh... Sorry about that.

Thank you to Lady Sovereign for a little break of silly entertainment.


Sending a MOTHERFUCKING PDF. It's only 7 MB, Outlook! Take it, you stupid bitch program!



That'd be a bitch to get in the back of my car, though.

A Lost Nightmare

Jill Thompson, of Scary Godmother and Sandman fame, once drew some pages for a Nightmare Before Christmas comic.

Don't look to long! The beauty may burn you!

Because it worked so well for Firefly

Joss Wheadon's new show, Dollhouse, will be airing on Friday nights rather than the Mondays, after 24, as originally stated.

Friday nights on Fox tend to kill shows quickly, but it still causes much pain to the fans.

Just in time for lunch...

We all know that housewives in the 40's and 50's were mostly alcoholics battling an ever-growing sense of isolation and despair. Want proof? Check out these salads from a 40's cookbook. My favorites are the bunnies and the eyes.

Oh My.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I'm warning you up front, because this dose of cuteness is positively lethal.

You'll die, but you'll die happy.

Comic Defacement Part 1.

Fueled by otis's post with the dog shoes.
I found these collections of altered comic book covers.
These weren't even the ones I was looking for.
[Edit: funnier image]

Go Amazon!

I know that not many of you are parents, but I hope that you can still appreciate what a fantastic idea this is from Amazon: Frustration-Free Packaging. They've eliminated excess packaging materials (clam-shells, twist-ties, etc.), starting with a few toys and other over-packaged items as an experiment. I think it's awesome- less frustration, less waste. Good job, Amazon! Just when I think I can't love you any more...

Of course, this year I'm planning on making the presents I give, so this may be a moot point for me.


Maybe not today (but for $5? Why not?!), maybe not tomorrow, but someday, somehow- this WILL be mine.

(Check it out. I know for SURE that you'll want it too!)

The Pirate Paradox

Why we need digital pirates, but don't like having them around.

I Have No Idea Where this Image Originated