Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starbucks Kills Communities

The article.
"People immediately create their own little private, gated communities. You come in, set up your laptop and put on your headphones," he said yesterday. "You couldn’t be more alone in public if you wanted to be."
Prof Simon concluded that Starbucks’s success had little to do with the coffee and everything to do with image and identity. "Time and again customers told me they would look at someone carrying a Starbucks cup and assume they were successful and moderately hip," he said.
Seems like people who have worked there have been saying these sorts of things for years.

And one more:
A spokesman for Starbucks said it welcomed all customer feedback.

Melt In Your Mouth...?

I think babies are great, but this picture is CREEPY.

Or maybe it's just me.