Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Change-up We Can Believe In

Another electoral stunner today, as Tim Lincecum has one the Cy Young award.

Lincecum is a biomechanical freak who looks about twelve years old and can walk on his hands. How he generates upper 90's heat from his tiny, little pixie-man body is (sort of) detailed in this SI article.

The other notable aspect of this is that it is a sign that statheads are gaining more influence in baseball. There was a time when Brandon Webb's 22 Wins would have assured him the Cy Young, but now more people are have been convinced by the stathead movement that wins are much more luck based then things like ERA and strikeout to walk ratio.

So Tim Lincecum's victory is victory for intelligent data analysis and against judging people based on their appearances.


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