Monday, June 1, 2009

Fuller Pushing Daisies Interview

"One of the things that people ask is how do you wrap up the Chuck and Ned story, and for me, there was one ending, and that ending was decades later, and I couldn't really quite rush their story to any sort of conclusion," Fuller told SCI FI Wire in an exclusive interview on Friday. "Even if I knew that the series was coming to an end when we were doing the last episode, I don't know if I would have been able to end the Chuck and Ned story because, for me, that's the relationship that goes on and that you fight for."

Plenty more about the final three episodes, the first of which was on Saturday night, and a bit about the future comic book at SCI FI Wire.


Elex said...

I've never seen this show, so I'm trying not to read too much of some of these things, but I have noticed a lot of pie. I think I can get behind a show with so much pie. So long as that orange dog doesn't eat any of it.

ticknart said...

Check it out. The dog does not eat any of the pie. Dead are brought back to life after hilarious/gruesome death. Mysteries are solved. Paul Rubens makes a guest appearance. And an accident with a litter box blinds an eye.

Great stuff.