Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Pixar

A wonderful letter by Linda Holmes begging Pixar to please, PLEASE think of the amazing little girls... and not just as princesses.


ticknart said...

I just had a thought on this:

Wouldn't making Russel a girl, in Up, have made the whole thing more meaningful for Carl because she could have reminded him of his wife when she was little?

Still, Up is a pretty damned spectacular movie.

heels said...

That's a very interesting idea.

Up was awesome- I'm certainly not going to argue with that! It was especially great (for me anyway) to watch it with my son, even if he's a terrible loud-talker in movies still.

I've often wondered if the lead brains at Pixar have more male children than female...

ticknart said...

I think it's that there are more men there than women. We tend to put ourselves into the roles, don't we?

Still, they did make Russel of Asian ancestry just because. And that was great.