Monday, May 4, 2009


Just sent to me by the IT Manager here for marketing purposes, but I immediately starting thinking about non-work applications.

From their website:

MagCloud enables you to publish your own magazines. All you have to do is upload a PDF and we'll take care of the rest: printing, mailing, subscription management, and more.

How much does it cost?

It costs you nothing to publish a magazine on MagCloud. To buy a magazine costs 20¢ per page, plus shipping. For example, a 20-page magazine would be four bucks plus shipping. And you can make money! You set your issue price and all proceeds above the base price go to you.

How are they printed?

MagCloud uses HP Indigo technology, so every issue is custom-printed when it’s ordered. Printing on demand means no big print runs, which means no pre-publishing expense. Magazines are brilliant full color on 80lb paper with saddle-stitched covers. They look awesome.



heels said...

What do you think- "The Quarterly Cole" to be distributed to all relatives...?

ticknart said...

So, this is only different from Lulu because they charge by the page and put no min or max on page count and you can't choose the paper or the binding?

Johnny Logic said...

That and Lulu doesn't make magazines, and handle their distribution.

ticknart said...

Lulu's print on demand and mails the item to the person who wants it, how is that not handling the distribution?

Johnny Logic said...

Magazines have the added need for subscription management for delivery to a subscription base on a continuing basis.