Thursday, May 28, 2009

Awesome Cheese Rolling Pics

These are some high quality photos of that famous race where brits with nothing better to do chase a chunk of cheese down a gnarly hill. The 4th and 7th ones are my favorites, I think.

On a totally unrelated note - what the hell is wrong with firefox, why won't it show me videos? arrrgh!


heels said...

Totally excellent! How badly were the guys in the thongs hurting, though! GAH!

(BTW- did you read some of the comments? WOAH- people get riled about the weirdest things. Bringing up WWI and WWII in the comments about a CHEESE ROLLING FESTIVAL?! WTF?!?!)

Brandi said...

lol! yes, cheese can apparently bring up some very intense emotions.

Elex said...

Fun! The gut wearing a bunch of pillows in his clothes is smart.

re: firefox. go to and update your flashplayer is my advise.