Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight

It's on talk radio, the coworkers are achatter about it, and I see a lot of Facebook statuses mentioning it.

Personally, I saw the last vampire movie I needed to see somewhere around 1995. ("I'm a vampire, but I CAN LOVE!")

What about you guys? fer it or agin it?


heels said...

Meh. I've been hearing about Twilight since the books came out, and I've never been tempted to read them (even though I'm sure I've read crappier vampire stuff). I'm just not interested in vampire teen drama, I guess. I probably will not see the movie, even if I do eventually get desperate enough for moderately-crappy-yet-vaguely-entertaining fiction to read the books.

ticknart said...

I find watching middle-aged women, of all walks of life, going all swoony over a movie very entertaining.

Personally, I'm going to see Synecdoche, New York this weekend.

Elex said...

I've never been interested in seeing twilight, personally. However, if I were 10 years younger I'd be all over it. I also still love vampire movies, even when they are bad. I always make sure there are at least a couple on my Netflix queue. Right now there is Blade 2 and Vampire Hunter D.

I think Van Helsing and Underworld were viewed at Gramma House, Otis. You must have seen at least one of those. You can't escape vampires.