Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking Over My Shoulder

Apparently, when someone came to see me in my cubicle, I happened to close a browser or something. Somehow this was noteworthy, and had to be communicated to Management. WTF. I guess this was evidence that I don't work or anything all day. It doesn't occur to people that every open action has an equal and opposite close operation. Or they don't know I open and close windows all day long? I'm sort of pissed, and I wish names were named so I wouldn't feel like everybody I see is a potential shit-disturber.

My screens face the "doorway" where anybody can walk by, which makes me super-uncomfortable all day long. Considering the nature of my job it's not even a very smart setup, and my desk can't accomodate any other configuration, and my office can't accomodate my desk being any other way.

I could get polarized privacy screens on my monitors, but I also get to do a lot of creative work, and putting big tinted windows on your monitor doesn't facilitate good color correction.

Anyway, if I don't have exclusively Work Stuff on my screen, I feel vulnerable to some Fuckhead trying to ruin my life.

So, sorry if I've been quiet here lately. I love my co-authors, and I read their posts, although I don't get to watch their videos.

Until we have a more stable financial environment where people aren't trying to point fingers to save thier own ass, only other people in the company will be allowed to look at extracurricular sites. IT is everyone's favorite scapegoat.

Sorry internet, I hope you understand... I'll miss you.


heels said...

Fuckers. I was accused at one point, too. My argument: "What? Don't I LEGALLY get two 15 minute breaks everyday?"

Sorry, darlin'- that was just messed up.

(I hardly ever get to watch videos, either. Too bad.)

ticknart said...

So, let me understand, trying to get IT in trouble is supposed to save the jobs of people who aren't in IT?

I never thought I'd be so happy for state work.